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Birthday Parties

Canvas Birthday Parties:

No need for party favors ! Each child comes home with their very own painted masterpiece.

What’s included:

12x12 canvas and everything needed to paint from tablecloths on up. Depending on the age group and design a template may be supplied. CUPCAKES ARE INCLUDED AS WELL. I take the children step by step to help them bring out their creativity.

How much will it cost:

20.00 per child with a minimum of 8. If there is 8 children not including the birthday girl/boy they are free.

How to reserve a date:

Please contact me to set up a date.


I have held parties for children ages 4 and up.

How long does it take:

Between an 1-1 ½ hours. I will need to arrive 30 mins prior to set event up.

The only thing I request is that your tables and chairs are set up prior to my arrival to allow for a smooth transition into the party.

Wood Sign Birthday Parties:

No need for party favors, each child goes home with their own personalized wood sign, canvas painting or hand painted mugs.

Wood signs: OPTION 1

I supply the wood (12x12), paint, stencils and tools needed. (paint sponges, scrapers and weeding tools)

I will supply you with a step by step tutorial on how to make your wood sign. I WILL NOT BE PRESENT AT THE PARTY FOR THIS OPTION.

All you will have to have is access to a computer to play the tutorial for each step.

How much does it cost:

$25.00 per person with a minimum of 8 people but the birthday girl/boy is FREE!

How to reserve your date and deposit:

There is a 45.00 deposit to reserve your date. You will receive your deposit back when all of the tools are returned. (scrapers and weeding tools) If they are not returned within 3 days after the party your deposit will be forfeited.

I need at least 3 weeks in advance to reserve your date. Payment in full 1 week prior to the party.

Each guest will have the same stencil but I am able to customize each one with a name. Have your child choose a theme and send me their ideas. I will do my best to accommodate the design and fonts as closely as possible.


This works best with children ages 8 and up. The younger ones will need help with transferring the stencil to the board.

How long does it take:

Average time for event is between 1-2 hours

Option 2:

$30.00 Per person

I COME TO YOU with everything needed to create your wood sign creation.

I take you step by step, set up and clean up. The only thing I ask is that you supply the tables and chairs (which need to be set up when I arrive) I bring tablecloths on up.