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What is a canvas private party?

We start with a blank canvas which will vary depending on the size you choose. The host will choose a theme, which everyone at the party will paint. (Unless you want to step out of the box and paint your own theme). I will take the group step-by-step to recreate your very own painted masterpiece. Depending on the difficulty of the painting, I will occasionally supply a template for parts of the painting. Average painting time is approx. 2-2 ½ hours.

What is canvas fundraiser event?

This is your chance to pay it forward, raise money for a local family, school function, medical emergency or any charitable cause that's important to you. Ticket prices are 45.00 per person, and pays for everything necessary to paint, including a delicious cupcake. I donate 20.00 per person back to the cause.

What is a wood sign private party?

This is where your get to relax a little and let a stencil lead the way! Each person will have their own wood board, (size chosen at time of purchase) a stencil, several paints and stains to choose from and all of the tools needed to complete your project. This type of event will allow for a little more customization, for example a family “Name”, a special quote or an established date, to name a few.

What is a wood sign fundraiser event?

This is your chance to pay it forward, raise money for a worthy cause, school functions and so much more. Tickets are 50.00 per person and include either a 12x12 or 6x24 wood sign, a stencil and everything needed to create your wood sign. Participants will have 2-3 options to choose from which the host will decide on for before the event is listed. I donate 20.00 per person back to the cause.

The minimum number of guests to hold a fundraiser:

For canvas paintings, there is a minimum of 20 people and a maximum of 85 guests.

For wood signs, there is a minimum of 20 people and a maximum of 60 guests.

How participants sign up:

For fundraisers, an event page will be set up which will have all of the information on the event and a link to “click on” to purchase tickets.

For private events, the host/hostess will collect the money from their guests. Money will need to be collected and paid 1 week prior to the event before any wood or stencils will be cut.

Hosts responsibilities:

For fundraisers:
The host will need to find a location to hold the event. It will need to accomodate a large crowd and have tables, chairs, adequate lighting and running water. Tables and chairs must be set up by my arrival time.

You may choose to pick a place that serves food and/or beverages or you can supply your guests with them as well. This is not a requirement. I will bring the cupcakes but I do not supply or serve alcohol.

For private parties:
The host will need to have the tables and chairs available and set up at time of party. Adequate lighting and running water. The host agrees to provide refreshments for their guest, I supply everything needed to create their masterpiece. Don’t forget as a thank you, the host gets their painting or sign for free with 8 or more guests.